What Toys Are Good For Puppies?

What Toys Are Good For Puppies?

For your puppy, you would surely want the best. Whether be their food or bathing needs. You would also buy them the best bed and cage so that you know that they are comfortable. There are even times that you would buy something they do not really need, but it is something they would enjoy. This includes toys they will play with. 

For a puppy, it is important that they do have some toys. It is not just for playing but also to chew on. It is the age that they are teething and they will chew on everything. So instead of chewing on your shoes or any other in your house, you will just have to buy a chew toy. These toys will also help with their development.

So, what are the kind of toys that is great for them?

1. Bone-Shaped Toys

When we see something bone-shaped, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is surely for dogs. It is not just simply a representation of them. Bones are the perfect shape and actually good for them to chew on. The problem is that it might get dangerous for them because some of the fragments might get loose and will be bad for them. Because of that, there are different kinds of toys available that are bone-shaped, and it will not be dangerous for them.

2. Rings

Human babies will have teething rings, and it is not that different from dogs. These rings are great for their gums while also keeping them entertained, and perfect to keep them occupied so they aren’t barking for attention while you’re busy taking care of your household tasks. What is good about this is that some are not all ring-shaped but have different shapes that are interactive and will interest them. It is also safe and long-lasting.

3. Balls

Balls are not just great for fetching. In fact, balls are go-to toys for them. What is nice about this is that there many kinds available and you can find it anywhere. You can actually use an ordinary tennis ball. You can also find something cheaper and softer that will be good for puppies who are teething.

4. Edible

What is nice about toys is that it can be also edible. It is not a snack per se but good enough for their taste buds and enough for them to not ask for it at times. Aside from it being long-lasting which would be less expensive for you, it will also not affect the diet of your puppy.

5. Tug Toys

Tug toys are those flexible ones. It is great for puppies because teething will make them chew on something aggressively. Because it is flexible and durable, these tug toys are great for them to put it out. Aside from that, you can also use these toys to play tug-of-war with them which is great to teach and practice control and also to steer away from their minds auto chewing other things. It is also a great exercise for their teeth and muscles.

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