How To Help Your Dog If They Are Suffering From Joint Pain

How To Help Your Dog If They Are Suffering From Joint Pain

You may feel so sad if your dogs do not feel well because of joint pain. However, joint pain issue is very commonly found among the dogs. Yes, in charge of the dog must help the dog to cope with the proper relief measures. Let us see how to help your dog here

You should observe the signs and symptoms of your if it suffers from joint pain. The major symptoms are

  • Slower movement as soon it gets up either in the morning or in the evening
  • Walking slowly or lagging behind
  • uncontrolled sleeping
  • Joints are swollen
  • Howling if someone touches the dog
  • Not usual like before, not interested in playing games seem lonely

The above major symptoms are commonly associated with your pets if it suffers from joint pain.


Helping your dog from joint pain is not a major task. First, check your dog weight before you begin any treatment. An obese dog might suffer a lot due to joint pain. Hence, reduce its weight with a proper diet plan after recommendations from a veterinarian. You can see a lot of changes in your dog if the weight is reduced. More weight increases the chances of arthritis in your dog and hence follow the weight reduction diet plan


You can try anti-inflammatory medication for your dogs after consulting the veterinarians Never give medicines without consultation because it might affect the health of pets adversely. Human pain pills for dogs is very unhealthy and hence avoid it.

Clinically-Tested Supplements

Many dogs that are suffering from joint pain are relieved by administering clinically tested supplements. Yes, your dogs can be given omega-3 fatty acids for relief from joint pain. Chondroitin medicine is proved effective for joint relief. Hence, always try clinically tested supplements for the dogs’ joint pain issue.

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Dog beds play a vital role in improving the health of the dog. Yes, an orthopedic dog bed can give great relief to the dogs that have joint pain. You can try the dog beds that are specially made for dogs suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

Slip-free floors and ramps are very useful to dogs having joint pain. The floors should be covered with rough mats if found very slippery.

Massaging the Pets

Your dogs are given a proper massage by a therapist to treat his joint pain. Your pets feel good and relax after the proper massage is given. The joint pain seems to be reduced after massaging and exercising under the supervision of a well-trained therapist.

Other Measures

Some more recovery measures such as underwater therapy and acupuncture treatment prove effective for the pets that suffer from joint pain. Even you can try laser therapy treatment for your pets so that the pain gets reduced a lot.

Integrated Approach

You can try weight reduction, medication, and exercises all at a time as an integrated approach. This approach would have a positive impact on the health of dogs. Consult your veterinarian for this combination treatment for effective results.

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