How To Leave Your Puppy Alone For The First Time

How To Leave Your Puppy Alone For The First Time

There are a lot of things you will need to do when you get a puppy. You will have to train them and also have them get used to your home. It is a need as a dog owner.

One of the hardest things in getting a puppy is leaving them alone. You know that they would whine and get sad. And you, as their owner, will only think of their situation. It will be a stressful experience for you both. But whether you like it or not, it is an occurrence that will happen and is necessary.

If you are having a hard time thinking of what to do upon leaving them, here are some tips you can do:

1. Start Gradually

When you first get them, you will need to have them get used to your home. Then, you will have to also make them get used to being alone. You do not have to leave them all alone in your house right away. You can have them in a separate room or go outside of your home or do a very quick errand not too far. You can also sleep in a separate room from them. This way, their separation anxiety will not be too extreme. It will be helpful for you too. 

2. Dog Proof

When you leave them, make sure that your house is ready. Puppies tend to be curious and rowdy. They will be also very impatient not to mention teething and will bite anything. Because of that, you will need to keep things like your shoes and others away from them. There is a big tendency that they will chew on it. That is also the same for your furniture. You will need to put some obstruction around your house. One of the best things you can do is to let them stay in one place. You can set up a playpen for them to stay. You can also get them a bed they are comfortable to stay with. You can also have them crate trained which will be a comfort for them.

3. Leave Them Toys

As said before, they will certainly get bored. Leaving them toys to play and chew with is a great way for them to be distracted. This will also keep their mind off chewing something else that might be important for you.

4. Basic Needs

Their needs such as water and food will be the most important. If you are leaving them, make sure that they have enough water to stay hydrated. You can even have more than one if it needs to be. Then also leave them enough food for the time you are gone.

5. Assistance

Even if you are leaving them, you can still look out for them. You can ask for your neighbor or close friend to watch them for a while, and this is especially if it will take you a long time out. You can also invest in pet cams. It is a security camera wherein you can watch out for your pet via smartphones, so distance will be not a problem.

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