How To Give A Puppy It’s First Bath

How To Give A Puppy It’s First Bath

So you have a new puppy. It is exciting and a great feeling to have. You have an additional member of your family. But like any other, it is not all about the joy of having cuddles and companion but also the responsibility you will have.

Alongside feeding and training, one of the big responsibilities as a pet owner is maintaining the right hygiene for your dog. Because they are still a puppy, it could be overwhelming for you.

When will it be?

Unlike baby humans, puppies do not need to be bathed on a daily basis. They actually do not even need to be bathed right away after they are born. You can wait until they are three months for that. But, you can still bathe them younger than that and at times, it will be a need like when they got spilled with food or dirt. Though, ideally, they should be at least eight weeks old for their body to be ready for a bath.

Now that you know when the question now is how?

1. Right Place

Puppies are still small, so you can bathe them in sinks. You can also set up a kiddie pool in your backyard to avoid a mess in your home. If you indeed do it inside your home, be ready for the mess and spills, so have cleaning supplies on hand.

2. Right Temperature

Make sure that the water is warm enough for them. It is the only temperature that their body can handle at that time. If this will not be followed, the puppy might get health problems.

3. Right Materials

Taking a bath would require shampoo and some other things. The first thing you will need to find is the right shampoo for them. The reason why it is well-known for puppies to have a bath at eight weeks is not just a vet’s recommendation but also suggested labels from the shampoos. Another thing you need to look for is if it is good for your puppy. Also, keep in mind that you will only need to use shampoos meant for puppies for the adult ones will be too strong for them. Other things you will need is a sponge and also something for them to hold on to like a mat.

4. Right Way

Before you bathe your puppy, make sure that you have gathered all of the needed materials in place. Puppies tend to be impatient, so they will be very active and rowdy. Since this will be their first bath, it should be fun for them so that they would want to experience it again. Having their toys around will help. Then, you will have to coat their fur with shampoo. Use a sponge to help. After that, rinse them well to avoid dry or flaky skin. Be aware that they love to shake the water, so have something to protect you and your surroundings. 

After the first, how often will it be?

As said before, they do not need to be bathed every day unless it is really needed. All you can do is schedule their regular baths for once or twice a month.

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