What To Do When Your Dog Keeps Barking

What To Do When Your Dog Keeps Barking

A dog that insists on barking all the time can cause serious problems. Granted, all dogs bark and there is a time and place where it is acceptable no doubt. But if you’re getting complaints from the neighbors because your dog is barking too loud or at odd hours of the night then you’re going to have to take action before the situation escalates beyond your control. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the first dog owner to have encountered this problem. It’s something that happens time and time again, and in almost all cases there is an effective solution. Here are some tips to get you started.

More Time Outside

Dogs can be energetic beings, especially when they are young. Puppies, in particular, get excited love to run around throughout the day. The good news is if you do make sure they get plenty of exercise it will likely tire them out, so they’ll be more likely to sleep once they come inside rather than cause a ruckus by resorting to barking when they’re looking for attention.

The Personal Touch

Much like humans, dogs need attention too. A lot of this comes down to pure physical interaction. They want you to play with them, to pet them, and make them feel like they are an appreciated part of the family. Simply by giving your dog your undivided attention for some time you may find that they become less needy throughout the course of the day and as a result bark less.

Make Sure Nothing is Wrong

You may be surprised to hear that much of the time when our dogs are barking it’s because something is actually wrong and they need our help. This is often associated with whining, but a bark can be the way your dog communicates problems as well. Take a quick peek around and see if they’ve lost a toy under the couch or their bowl of water has gotten dirty. Sometimes the source of the barking is a very simple fix for a human, but something a dog can’t fix on their own.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bark Collars

A bark collar can make a world of a difference, and the best part is that you can put them on your dog only when the timing is most sensitive. There are plenty of humane training products these days that can keep your dog’s barking at bay with something as simple as a beep or a vibration to let them know it’s time to give it a rest. If you have a larger and more stubborn dog, don’t be afraid to use a collar with static correction either. As long as you make sure everything is set correctly, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to train your dog to stop barking.

Soundproof Your House

If all else fails there is a fail safe – you can also implement some soundproofing within your household. While it’s much better to reduce the barking at the source by working with your dog to make them happy, in a pinch you can quiet down your house quite a bit using weather stripping and making sure that all of the doors and windows are closed tightly with a good seal. It’s not going to solve the problem whatsoever, but it can be an improvement that wins over your neighbors to buy you some time.

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